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Our transportable grandstand units will easily meet your seating needs. Our engineer certified grandstands are constructed with a galvanised steel frame and aluminium seating. The grandstands feature a forklift facility allowing for easy relocation. The grandstands can be supplied with shade covers as an optional extra making them perfect for the warm Australian summers.

Transportation can be arranged at an additional flat rate cost with up to 4 units per load

Newly Designed Wheelchair Friendly Grandstands

We have recently manufactured our first wheelchair friendly grandstand, unfortunately we have lost a little of the seating capacity but are working on redesigning future ones to reinstate seating capacity. This ramp is 750mm wide internally which was okay but we will make future ones 1200mm wide to cater for large motorised chairs etc. The deck is 6m x 1.5m wide and fully sheeted with aluminium floor plate. Grandstands can also be ordered with shade frame and coveras an optional extra. The grandstand pictured was purchased by the Proston Show Society.

Standard Features:

  • Engineer Certified
  • Galvanised Steel Frame with Aluminium Seating
  • Forklift Facility
  • Vertical Railings
  • Shade Cover optional extra or add on at a later date


Per unit: 6m long x 2.4m wide x 2.8m high

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Picture of the Grandstand highlightin their dimensions

Engineer certified grandstands that will meet your seating needs!

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Picture of the Grandstands together to make larger unit

Can be stacked together to create larger grandstands

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Picture of the Grandstand
Made with Aluminium seating and Metal framework that will stand the test of time
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Picture of the Wheelchair Friendly Grandstand

We also offer a wheelchair friendly version

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Picture of the Grandstand

Vertical railings prevent children climbing the rails

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Picture of the Grandstand and Shade

Shade covers and shade cover frame can be included as an optional extra or as an add on at a later date

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Picture of the Grandstand

Features a forklift facility for easy moving

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Picture of the Grandstands on truck

Transport can be arranged with up to 4 units per load



South Burnett Engineering

Gary Binnie

South Burnett Engineering has been operating at Memerambi for 25 years. We manufacture silos which cater to the grain and peanut industries. Our silos range from 8T to 180T. Silos are made in our workshop and transported in kit form on our crane truck and assembled on site. We work throughout Qld, NT and NSW. Silos are Engineer designed. We also offer sealed silos and are suppliers of Aeration equipment. We are also agents for Grainline Augers.

picture of silos